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Travel Chaos with Jillian Bright

This week, Jillian Bright takes us through her travel adventures and motherhood adventures. During this interview, we touch on a huge range of topics from keeping your cool during motherhood, thoughts on abortion and infertility, travel, robbery and custom bikinis. Jillian talks about how she came to empower women through that make women feel better than they ever have about their body.

Listen in on the interview and make sure to connect with Jillian to get more info on her next custom bikini launch and how to get a copy of her book.

Jillian Bright is a writer, bikini designer, avid reader, traveler, and mama. She lives in Northern California and Italy with her partner and their two year old son but spent most of the first year and half of new motherhood in the high desert of Northwest Argentina where she wrote her first children's book.

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