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Confidence and How to Build Yours Using Your BADASS List

Can we talk about confidence for a minute?

Isaac Serwanga states “Confidence is not something anyone can do for you.” Do you believe that? You are 100% in charge of your own confidence.

If the haters try to get you down, try your very hardest to brush that negative $%!T off and charge forward. You’re never going to please everyone, so as long as you stay true to yourself, you should hold your head high and not let that crown slip, Queen.

To be clear, I”m not talking about just self confidence for your looks or you hustle, but really having confidence in yourself and your ability to do ALL. THE. THINGS.

I know it’s sometimes difficult to pump ourselves up when we need a confidence boost, but it’s so important. What would you tell your sister or your best friend or your daughter when she needs a confidence boost?

“You are more beautiful than Cinderella!” - Bridesmaids

When my kids start to use self-deprecating language, I SHUT THAT DOWN by saying "HEY! Don't talk about my daughter/son that way!" I won't let anyone talk bad about them, even themselves.

When being criticized: Consider the Source

If the criticizer isn't someone you genuinely respect, don't take their opinions to heart. Let it roll off you like water off the back of a duck and keep on trucking. It takes a lot of hard work, energy and tenacity to create something, so don't let the opinion of someone who doesn't appreciate the work get the better of you.

Now, I know this is really easy to SAY, and harder to put into practice. My best advice when starting out: take it one small step at a time. Hey, it worked for the astronauts...

I'm super guilty of having a quick comeback when people criticize me to my face. Then I play the "OOOH! I should have said _____ instead" game for the next few days. Sometimes the best response to criticism or the comments from your haters, is no response at all.


How to write your BADASS List:

Brainstorm all the things you have accomplished in your life (so far). Have you won a major award, completed a significant task, or championed a meaningful cause? Do you volunteer at the SPCA? Are you a veteran who served your country? A successful business owner?

It all goes on the list.

Now, I want you to think of things that you are really proud of yourself for. Do you win community cooking competitions or taught yourself a new language as an adult? This second brainstorm is for all the things that you think are amazing that the “world” might not consider a huge accomplishment, but that holds meaning to you. I bet you can fill the whole page with things you are proud of yourself for.

Put these on the list, also.

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