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Episode 40 Procrastination - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugliest

“How we think shapes how we live.” -Jennie Allen, Get Out of Your Head  

There are 4 main types of procrastinator - The Performer, The Self-Deprecator, The Overbooker, and The Novelty Seeker, according to 

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• You are a Performer if - You wait until you are under the pressure of a deadline to get your task done.

• You are a Self-Deprecator if - you make excuses like “I’m lazy” or “I’m stubborn” in order to put off doing what needs to be done

• You are an Overbooker if - your excuse is that you are too busy instead of facing a challenge or admitting you don’t want to do something (you create chaos in order to avoid certain tasks)

• You are a Novelty Seeker - if you have shiny object syndrome and can’t focus on one thing, or follow through to get things done.

Do any of these sound familiar or resonate with you? I’m definitely a Chaos Creator, mixed with a bit of Performer.

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