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Episode 34: Overcoming Overwhelm with Baseline Configuration

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Find your baseline:

  1. Make sure your basic needs are met. Food, water, shelter, physical safety and security.

  1. Then answer:

What are your problems? Brain dump everything you feel is causing you to stress out or be in a perpetual state of chaos.

Then what are possible solutions? Brain storm!

  1. Look to the future. How do you make sure you don’t get back to this place of chaos?

STEP 1: What will you no longer tolerate?

Now that you are back to baseline, what events, behaviors, or tasks will you no longer tolerate. Decide this now, when there is a lull in the chaos and as things get more hectic and chaotic in your life, you will already have the boundaries in place to fall back to.

STEP 2: What are you willing to accept?

I’m not delusional, I am fully aware that there are some things you won’t be able to avoid. But, for the most part, YOU get to decide what you will accept in your life, relationships, home, job, diet, inner voice, ALL THE PLACES.

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