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Episode 32 Leaving the Mormon Church and Other Life Changing Decisions with Jalynn Schroeder

This week on Chaos Queens, we interview Jalynn Schroeder. Jalynn wants women to know that they should always stay true to themselves no matter what. She believes finding your true self and practicing self care is the best way to be happy.

In sharing her story of leaving the Mormon Church, Jalynn hopes to inspire others to follow their heart and arm themselves with the tools they need to stand up for themselves.

I can't wait to hear what you guys think about Jalynn's interview! Let me know your biggest takeaways in the comments!

Jalynn Schroeder is a wife, mom to two and has always been an entrepreneur at heart! Jalynn started out blogging at The Red Closet Diary over 10 years ago as an outlet while dealing with a rocky first marriage. Through blogging she was able to make and create an income by being involved in what she loves most: fun fashion and sharing!

In May of 2016 Jalynn joined SeneGence, a long lasting cosmetics and anti aging skin-care company. With SeneGence she was able to build a multi-million dollar team and build an awesome community, all while growing in ways she never thought possible.

In November of 2018 Jalynn launched her shop, The Red Closet Shop. As her ultimate dream to own her own shop and offer fun, unique and bold styles for all body types, she did just that!

Jalynn is passionate about sharing her story and helping other women do the same. From PCOS, anxiety, diastisis recti, suicide, to most currently going through a massive spiritual awakening, she shares it all in hopes to help others not feel so alone or silenced when going through these same things.

Connect with Jalynn:

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