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Episode 31 Routine and Things with Ashley Brown

This week on the podcast, I'm interviewing mama and routine queen Ashley Brown from Routine and Things. Listen in for all Ashley's tips for creating routines that help you thrive.

We discuss Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, how to choose routines that fit your current season of life and how to use routines for self care.

Ashley Brown is a stay at home mom, educator, and founder of Routine and Things, a platform dedicated solely to helping moms experience the power and peace of home using intention and routines. Through her binge worthy podcast, The Peace of Home Podcast, she makes it clear it’s her mission to equip as many moms as possible with creating abundant homes and using the power you possess to consistently achieve peace in your home and life.

When setting up your routines:

Is it realistic?

Is it manageable?

Is it fun?

Is it flexible?

Connect with Ashley:

The Peace of Home Podcast

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Listen to the full episode here:

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