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Episode 27: Confidence of a Queen with Leah Hadder

In this week's episode we are chatting with Leah Hadder from the Sash Says podcast.

Leah gives us all the scoop on staying confident while striving for your goals and not letting haters' drama bring you down!

We discuss history of beauty pageants, stereotypes of beauty queens, and all the costs and preparations associated with competitions.

Leah's advice for conquering your chaos:

"We only have X number of years and you're not promised tomorrow" so go after your dreams with your whole heart!

Leah Hadder has been involved in the pageant industry for over 17 years as a contestant, judge, emcee and director. She has competed in numerous pageants across Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee winning multiple titles and side awards. She has appeared on Arkansas Educational Television Network as well as Good Morning Arkansas. She founded SASH: Pageant Consulting in 2018 and has coached many contestants. Leah is also the host for her recently launched podcast, SASH Says, a podcast dedicated to connecting pageants, people, and purpose.

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