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Mindfulness with Ashley Rainsbarger

Come on the mindfulness journey with me as I pick the brain of the Mindful Coach, Ashley Rainsbarger.

Ashley is a mindset mentor and quantum healer for coaches and other experts. She uses the power of mindset work and quantum physics to remove the mental barriers that keep you from reaching the next level in life and business.

I'm completely fascinated by everything quantum physics right now and this conversation with Ashley was amazing and enlightening.

Throughout our conversation Ashley touches on

- mindful journaling and how powerful it can be

- emotional constipation

- how emotional health effects physical health

- Reiki healing

- quantum physics

- how creating an intentional morning routine can help you on your way to leading a more mindful life

There is so much information packed into this episode!

Make sure to connect with Ashley on Facebook.

The book I mention in the episode by Dr. Joe Dispenza is Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One


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